Advantages of a Drilex Multi-Lobe Power Section

With the proliferation of power section providers, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a power section.  The Drilex power sections provide a much broader operating range with regard to flow rate, bit pressure drop, and operating torque capability.  This increased range allows users to optimize their drilling performance factors such as annular velocities, bit pressure drop, and weight on bit without the concern of operational limitations or other restrictions.

Stator Profile

Below are a few advantages the Drilex power section has over other power section on the market today:

  • Broader Flow Rate Ranges
    • Provides fine tuning of annular velocities and better hole cleaning capability.
    • Allows the optimization of bit hydraulics, particularly with respect to the high hydraulic horsepower required at the bit face of modern polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits.
  • Increased Output Power and Torque
    • Generates higher differential pressures
    • Allows for increased weight on bit (WOB)
    • Reduces stalling with aggressive PDC bits.
    • Provides the torque required to drill with larger assemblies below the motor such as
      under-reamers, large diameter bits, hole openers, and core barrels.
    • More available torque to overcome lateral and offset stabilization.
  • Optimized Rotor / Stator Design
    • Rotational speed is approximately proportional to flow rate.
    • Output torque is proportional to differential pressure at a constant flow rate.
    • Higher multi-lobe configuration greatly reduces the eccentric motion of the rotor resulting in smoother running power sections.  This helps to reduce vibration with can result in interference with measurement-while-drilling (MWD) signal transmission.
    • Precision profile manufacturing requiring no post-machine sanding or polishing.
    • Shorter overall lengths allow more rapid build rate angles in directional applications.

Drilex Product Information

Technical Support

When you buy a Drilex product, you own the highest performance power section in the drilling industry.  More than that, you get a higher level of support and service than you can get from a larger corporation.  Drilex is solely a power section manufacturer and that means that we focus entirely on providing our customers the power section they need rather than settling for what is on the shelf.  Drilex offers expert advise and support from our knowledgeable and skilled professionals.  We also keep you up-to-date with comprehensive information and technical support, including 24 hour phone support.

Below are the latest Product Technical Bulletins.  These bulletins contain useful information regarding  the Drilex product for unique or specific applications:


TB-001  LCM usage with a Drilex Power Section

TB-002  Air Drilling with a Drilex Power Section


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