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Stator Elastomers

Stator Elastomer

DHX  The DHX elastomer is the premier elastomer for power section stators.  It is a custom rubber formulation designed specifically to meet  the most demanding downhole applications.

It is a special high durometer / hard rubber formulation that has superior mechanical properties and bonding characteristics.  The Drilex DHX stator elastomer is custom designed to achieve maximum power and torque in both water-based and oil-based applications.  DHX offers maximum versatility and is capable of operating in  temperature environments up to 350°F.

DSR  The DSR stator elastomer is a lower durometer formulation for use in less demanding applications.   It is a custom formulation that features a medium hardness with good resilience for maximum life and versatility.  It is suitable for use in most water-based and oil-based applications.  The DSR elastomer can be operated in temperatures up to 250°F continuously with limited exposures up to 350°F.

The DHX and the DSR elastomer component mixing, processing, and stator injection are precisely controlled to ensure a quality blend and uniform consistency.   Both DHX  and DSR elastomers are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. under strict quality controls.


Superior Rotor Coatings

Drilex offers several types of precision rotor coatings to meet a variety of downhole conditions.  Each coating is specially formulated for use on multi-lobe rotors.  From standard water based fluids to extreme corrosive applications, Drilex has a rotor coating that can withstand your toughest application.

CHROME The industry standard rotor coating is a chromium formulation that is applied to a either a steel or stainless steel substrate.  It is commonly used in applications with little to no chlorides. This historical coating offers good wear resistance and protection in all types of light and medium duty applications.  This coating can easily be stripped and reapplied to prolong the life of the rotor substrate material

Even Coating Thickness

Even-Thickness Rotor Coatings

XR3 Coating

XR3 Rotor Coating

CHX  The Drilex standard even-thickness rotor protection is the CHX coating.  Drilex CHX coating is a direct replacement for chrome.  Unlike chrome, it is applied with an even thickness to minimize rotor profile distortion.  This coating offers good performance and life in most types applications and can be applied to any alloy steel or stainless steel substrates.

XR3  The Drilex Extreme Rotor Coating (XR3) is an even-thickness, tungsten carbide coating suitable for use in medium to severe applications.  XR3 offers outstanding wear protection and is excellent for use in high chloride applications.  Additionally, this type of coating performs very well in pneumatic applications with very little lubrication.  With a coefficient of friction less than typical chrome plating, XR3 can significantly extend stator life over other types of coatings.   The XR3 coating is an excellent heavy duty coating that can be applied to any alloy or stainless steel substrate.

Uncoated   Alternatively, Drilex stainless steel rotors can be utilized without a coating.  This option is preferred for applications where acid or other fluid additive may ruin or possibly strip away a traditional rotor coating. Our  unique rotor manufacturing process allows for rotors to be utilized uncoated without a loss to performance.


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