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Drilex Thru-Tubing Fishing Motor

Drilex is pleased to present a custom designed fishing motor exclusively for use on thru-tubing fishing operations.   This is not simply a traditional downhole motor that is cut down in length.  Instead, it is an engineered tool specifically designed to handle very high pulling loads. The Drilex Fishing Motor is comprised of the following key features:

    • 2-78” Outer Diameter
    • Over 100,000 lbs. pull capacity
    • Less than 5 ft. overall length
    • Minimal external connections
    • Upper and lower 2-3/8” PAC box threads
    • Integrated Power Section with:
      • 1-2 Barrel per minute flow capacity (40-85 GPM)
      • 250 maximum rotational speed
      • 500 ft-lbs. torque rating
    • Heavy-walled external components
    • Easy to Service

For more information on the Drilex Fishing Motor, please contact your nearest Drilex Representative or call 1-888-489-0888.

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