Wash Nozzle

Drilex Wash Nozzle

Need an economical solution for thru-tubing cleaning applications?

How about a Wash Nozzle that works with your existing motor!

Drilex Wash Nozzle

Drilex now offers a Wash Nozzle that can be used with an existing thru-tubing or small diameter downhole motor.  Available with either a 1” AMMT or 1-1/2” AMMT pin thread, the Drilex Wash Nozzle will screw directly into the bit box of most thru-tubing motors.  The Drilex Wash Nozzle is an excellent alternative to a dedicated wash tool for the cleaning or stripping the inside diameters of pipe or tubing.  By using a Drilex Wash Nozzle with an existing downhole motor, one gains the advantage of a controlled flow rate and rotational speed needed for the application.   Additionally, the torque from the motor power section  will ensure that the Wash Nozzle will be less likely to stick or bind to the insides of the pipe.

The Drilex Wash Nozzle is comprised of four changeable jets that can deliver either a solid stream or fan spray.   The jets can be easily changed or even blanked off should the spray pattern, fluid velocity, or fluid impact need to be adjusted.  The Drilex Wash Nozzle itself has no moving parts and can be used with any speed downhole motor.

To learn more about the Drilex Wash Tool, please contact your nearest Drilex Representative or call 1-888-489-0888.


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