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Drilex Wash Tool

Drilex Wash Tool

Drilex is proud to announce the release of a new line of thru-tubing cleanout tools.  The Drilex Wash Tool (DWT) is ideal for cleaning or stripping the inside diameters of pipe or tubing.  Unlike other cleanout tools, the DWT features a Drilex high speed power section that spins the spray nozzle at speeds up to 1,400 RPM.  This helps to  ensure a continuous rotating pressure stream without the concern of  the nozzle sticking or binding along the insides of the pipe.

    DWT Model Size




    Recommended Flow Rate

20 gpm

22  gpm

42 gpm

    Spray Nozzle Rotational Speed

1,400 rpm

1,400 rpm

850 rpm

    Pressure Rating

4,000 psi

4,000 psi

4,000 psi

There are three diameters to choose from:  1-1/2”, 1-11/16” and a 2-1/8” OD.  The DWT is capable of handling up to a 42 gpm  with pressures up to 4,000 psi.  This provides a high pressure jetting action for maximum cleaning.  The DWT is short in length, easy to operate, and simple to maintain.

To learn more about the Drilex Wash Tool, please contact your nearest Drilex Representative or call 1-888-489-0888.


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